20 weeks & 6 days: A Detailed Scan

Last weekend, we had a full detailed scan on my baby. He was 20 weeks and 6 days old inside my womb. Seeing him in full detail for the first time makes our jaw drop. Going through the scan, his organs is now complete including his spine. Parts of his face were now on its final location but its not yet done. It was good to know that his measurement was normal, coz my bump looks like I’m only on my 3rd month. The feeling of seeing his gender was overwhelming, it made my hubby celebrate, he really likes it to be a boy, and yes, it’s a boy. Feeling him moving and kicking throws an overjoyed feeling, maybe that’s his way of telling me “mom, I’m just right here.”
As I went halfway to the big day, apart from enjoying the baby’s presence inside my womb, and discovering changes on my body, the preparation for his arrival also makes us excited. Considered that we need to save a lot for the big day, going for shopping for the baby’s stuff is fun. For the first time, after our consultation last Saturday, we went directly to the shopping mall to check for the usual stuff we will need for the baby. It made me smile while trying to figure out when was the last time I went to the infants section of the department store. Usually, I only go to this section to buy something for a friends or relatives baby. Now, I will be going to said section for my baby’s stuff. Exciting!

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