Constipation During Pregnancy

Early in my pregnancy I have been dealing with moderate constipation which was really uncomfortable. I started researching and I have found out that it was normal to be constipated if you are pregnant. Increased in progesterone hormone which slows the food movement through our digestive tract is one cause of constipation during pregnancy. In addition, the iron supplement that we, pregnant women take may worsen constipation.

Constipation may also be a symptom of another problem. If you have been experiencing severe constipation with an abdominal pain or if any trace of blood in your stool, you have to consult with your health care provider so you can be evaluated.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to avoid constipation during pregnancy.

• Drink plenty of water – drink at least six to eight glasses a day. A glass of fruit juices, (cranberry, prune, orange, buko juice) may also help. Some fruit juice may help prevent urinary tract infection like cranberry & buko juice.

• Exercise Daily – swimming can be a very good exercise for expectant moms, it provides good cardiovascular benefits. Walking, yoga and sitting in a stationary bike can help ease constipation plus it will also help you feel healthier physically.

• Eat high in fiber foods – you may consider increasing you intake of high fiber foods such as fruits & vegetable, cereal and whole grains bread.

• Never bridle your urge to go to the bathroom.

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