At 23 Weeks

A remarkable day for my little gymnast inside me, as he turns 23 weeks today. My research shows that his tiny ear can now hear and react to the sounds from the outside world. This means that my little angel is picking up the sound of my voice and his daddy’s voice. This might be the right time for me to start listening to the music of Mozart though, there has no proven scientific studies confirming that listening to the music of Mozart can add to the intelligence of the baby, giving it a try won’t harm him. The thought of singing a lullaby is also coming my way, thinking what would be his response, a kick of approval or a kick of rejection. I love the experience, and would be looking forward for more.

Meanwhile, as I read more about pregnancy at this stage, many mommies to be would experience sleeping discomfort. Finding adequately comfortable position seems to be difficult at this stage. I was glad, that I am not yet experiencing any sleeping discomfort. I just need to support my bump with a pillow, and I would easily get my sleep. For those mommies to be out there having a hard time sleeping, check out this
pregnancy pillow specifically designed to give sleeping comfort to pregnant women.

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