Pregnancy & Swimming

I’m not really good in swimming at all, but since I get pregnant, I made sure to take at least an hour of swimming every week. We are fortunate enough, having a swimming pool down our neighbourhood. It has been known that swimming is the best physical exercise for pregnant women. You will gain a good cardio vascular work out from swimming both pregnant and non pregnant women. While swimming is a great way to have a good body built, it is also a great way to stay toned and fit as you carry your baby inside your womb because it uses all of your major muscle groups. It also helps you lower your risk of injury because it takes off pressure out of your joints.
Be reminded, that it is always good to do gentle stretching before doing any exercise. Then start slowly and gently to warm up your muscle and get your heart rate up steadily. In case you feel cramps, stop and take a rest, and if cramping keeps on happening, I suggest that you see your healthcare provider for medical advice. Swimming might not be advisable to those who have a high risk pregnancy.
Some pregnant women are hesitant to swim on the pool, because they believe that pool chemicals or bacteria might harm the baby inside you. Apparently, there has been no proven evidence yet that it can harm the baby inside our womb. It is the mocus plug’s job to protect our baby from bacteria.

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