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The Importance of Water during Pregnancy

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Did you know that water can be the answer to lighten many side effects of pregnancy?
Fluid acts as our body’s transportation system that carries the nutrients through the blood to the baby, thus water has an important part of pregnancy. Water also helps prevents urinary tract infections which is common in pregnancy.

Dehydration during pregnancy could be very serious, so it is very important to keep our body hydrated not only during pregnancy. Most of the water intake is use in the amniotic sack, which helps to ensure that the baby is well protected inside the womb.

In later stage of pregnancy, dehydration may cause contractions that might lead to premature labor. It is recommended that we drink at least eight ounce glasses of water each day pregnant or not. There are many benefits a pregnant woman can get from having plenty of water inside the body. This includes, a healthier skin, less chance of pre-term labor, less acne, washing away unnecessary sodium and better bowel movements. During early pregnancy, having plenty of fluid between meals can also prevent nausea or morning sickness, this has been recommended by many doctors. It is also essential when you are having your exercise routine, pregnant or not. Fluids is lost through perspiration while having your exercise and that fluid loss needs to be replace.

Water has a very important part in pregnancy, making the mommy and the baby healthier. So let’s get our body very much hydrated mommies….

Sweet Thoughts my Sweet Sorrow

Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate frap, this were just a few that I have been craving lately. Since I entered my third trimester, sweets and smoothies is all I ever wanted. I would definitely blast with joy when my hubby allows me to eat sweets. Yesterday he bought me a slice of choco hazel nut cake and it did satisfy my cravings. My ob have told me to minimize my sugar intake as we are closely approaching the big day. I just had my glucose test last week but still waiting for the result.

Why is it that pregnant women should avoid sugar during their pregnancy? This is to avoid developing gestational diabetes, preeclampsia which is a serious medical condition that affects all body organs. This may lead to pre-mature birth while a severe preeclampsia can lead to seizures, kidney or liver complications.

An old wives tale says that eating too much sugar can cause big babies increasing the risk of undergoing a C-section for some women. Studies confirmed that too much intake of sugar can cause your baby to grow excessively large.

So to avoid sweet cravings, eat breakfast every morning, drink plenty of water, eat small-frequent snacks throughout the day. Eat fruits instead of sweets. And if you cannot resist your sweet thoughts, eating a small portion will be fine to satisfy your cravings.

Pregnancy Massage

I have been wanting a massage when I entered my third trimester. My lower back almost reached its extreme pain as I spend most of my time sitting at the office. My leg and my inner thigh are also giving me discomfort. A professional massage is all I wanted but due to old wives tale that massage is not good for pregnant as this might have a negative effect to the baby, I endured the pain and let my hubby give me a very soft massage on the affected areas.

Out of curiosity, I have decided to do a research. I am not really convinced that massage is a no no no to pregnant women. I have come across to and was enlightened and found out that pregnancy massage have actually positive benefits to pregnant women.

A study in University of Miami School of Medicine suggests that prenatal massage might have positive effects which include a decreased back and leg pain, improved sleep, Lowered anxiety and Decreased level of stress hormone norepinephrine. On the other hand, prenatal massage which is given to a depressed pregnant woman may increased her “feel-good” hormones serotonin and dopamine, decreased levels of cortisol which is an indicator of stress and an overall improvement in mood.

A pregnancy massage usually will take an hour on a massage table specifically designed to accommodate a pregnant woman’s belly. Others use bolsters pillows for pregnant to position a woman on her side comfortably. It was also mentioned that one of the beneficial time for a massage is during pregnancy. This definitely surpassed this oldwives tale about massage, and I would have to treat myself to a whole body massage before giving birth.

However, there are still safe techniques that needs to be apply in a pregnancy massage, so be sure to have your pregnancy massage done by a professional pregnancy masseur or masseuse.

Trying to Earn Online

Online jobs have widely spread now and I have read many testimonials of successful people in online business industry. I still have my work, but few months ago, I have ventured myself and tried embracing online business/jobs. And until now, I’m still struggling on getting my first payment. I have joined several PTC sites but I get easily bored of just clicking and waiting until it’s credited. I also tried google adsense but get frustrated when my account was blocked due to illegal clicks activities. I have lost morethan $20 of earning and was really frustrated. I’ve joined odesk but I find getting a job offer at odesk is just too hard.

Now, I am trying again my luck with different websites who pays by doing simple and small task, as well as sites that pays by participating in discussions. I have also started to become a publisher at adgitize. So far, I am doing well with this site with some few earnings but have to reach the minimum payout yet. I found it better than PTC’s, and I am looking forward of getting my first payment soon. I found out that you need to manage your time, have patient and self discipline if you want to become successful online. I am currently trying to apply these principles and hoping that just like other moms out there, I would also be successful online.

How to Improve Alexa Rank

I have started blogging about Alexa Rank, and been researching tips on how to improve my page rank. I have come across to different sites that are freely sharing their knowledge on how to improve alexa rank. On my effort to improve my alexa page rank, I have compiled few tips that I have acquired through research. You might have a doubt if this really works, yes it will definitely work if you consistently do it. As we all know, everything requires extra effort in order to have an effective result.
Before doing so, make sure that you have installed Alexa toolbar. Please refer to my previous blog to go to the toolbar download link.
1.       Add Alexa Rank Widget on your website. This counts the number of clicks on your website.
2.       Set your website as your Homepage. If you get to install alexa toolbar, get your website as your homepage in your pc at home or at the office. This will help you drive traffic to your website.
3.       Blog about Alexa. Progressively this will have an effect in your blog. There are numerous newbies in the blogosphere and they would love to hear tips on how to increase page rank. This way, they will drive traffic on your website and might link your page some way or another.
4.       Post your website in any social networking site. I have been sharing my website in all social networking site im in, and it is giving me numbers of visitors.
5.       Add pay per click in your website. Advertising website that lets you earns by visiting & clicking an ads such as google and adgitize will definitely bring you traffic.
6.       Optimize you popular post. If you have a post receiving traffic consistently, add a widget at the bottom of the post and link it to your alexa post.
7.       Add an Alexa Category on you blog. Use this category everytime you blog anything about Alexa. It serves as an access for webmaster or search engine and will help you rank your page.
8.       Try Alexa auto surf, for brand new website, autosurf would be a big help. But you should take note that if you have installed google adsense in your blog, you might have trouble with google.
While these tips may help us boost our rank, we should not forget that developing high quality blog content is still the best way to drive large audience to your blog. In the long run, this will maintain the traffic to your blog rather than artificially increasing your rank.

What is Alexa Page Rank?

I have installed alexa page rank widget almost a week ago, and that’s almost three months since I started this blog and it did not surprise me when I saw my alexa rank without data yet. So I am writing this blog on my intention of boosting up my alexa page rank. Right now, I am taking the steps into increasing my rank, and started experimenting. Here’s a short background about alexa.

So, what is alexa rank?
Alexa rank is a ranking which provides information on traffic levels for websites. Alexa rank is measured according to the amount of users who’ve visited a website with the Alexa tool bar installed. If you are generating income with your blog, there is a huge significant in boosting your alexa rank because this will determine your URL is in good ranking and this will also determine your bargaining when it comes to ad pricing.

How to start using Alexa?
For internet explorer user, download the alexa tool bar at this site and install it in your PC. For firefox user download the search status in this site and intall it in your pc.

To be continue on next post….

Baby’s Head Down at 33 weeks

It’s my 33rd weeks now, it’s nice to know that little Z’s head is already down, I hope he won’t be changing his position until the big day. Though his getting bigger and bigger he seems to have more enough space down there as he keeps on kicking, shrugging and punching down there. Just like the past weeks, I’ve been having so much sweet thoughts and cold craze, my ob already told me to tune down my sweet intake but I just sometimes can’t resist it.

Getting more and more excited to see our little Z. See you soon baby.

Updates: 32 weeks at SG

My husband and I together with my family were in Singapore, when we marked my 32 weeks of pregnancy last weekend. My family was here in KL for a vacation in less than three weeks and the vacation will not be complete without a side trip to Singapore.

I was actually hesitant to go; I was worried I might get exhausted with the 5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore plus the walkathon during the sight seeing around Sentosa, Clark Quay, Esplanade and Orchard. Anyhow, I still did go with them, pretty good that the bus ride was not stressful, busses bound to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur have wide sitting space for passenger making it comfortable for all passenger. I did get tired with the walkathon around Singapore, but I manage to take rest in between everytime I feel tired and took a deep sleep upon reaching the hotel at around 10 pm. It was good that my pregnancy was healthy that made this trip possible for me and my little Z. Thanks God I and my little Z are doing well.

This was also my little Z’s second time in Singapore while his inside my womb. I was on my 1st trimester when my husband’s family visited us last April and as usual we brought them to Singapore.

Meanwhile, my bump is in its maximum size I think. Its getting bigger and bigger and I have to add new clothes on my wardrobe; some of my maternity clothes don’t fit me anymore at this stage. The pressure on my inner thigh is becoming worst, maybe due to little Z’s weight, and my ob told me to prepare for more pain along the way. I’ve havin a lot of sweet thoughts and cold craze the past weeks….yummy…

Were planning to have a 3d or 4d scan, but when I asked my ob where to get it here in KL, she immediately replied, why do you want to have it? The best way to detect abnormalities of the baby is thru 2d scan. Finally this word from here made me think twice “ its like having a jaguar instead of proton (proton is a government subsidized car in Malaysia) ” but still contemplating of having a 3d scan. I think its exciting to see him inside my womb almost complete to somehow quench the long wait. He is still very active down there, kicking, rolling and yes tickling me.

Thanks to hubby for the pictures.


The Pink Ribbon Challange

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October is breast cancer awareness month. As a health care worker, I see and dealt a lot of patients even friends going through the battle of breast cancer. This month I would like to join the pink ribbon challenge. Just click the pink ribbon to help one woman save life by getting free mammogram. If you may join with me and pass the pink ribbon challenge. These links are ONLY for “Pink Ribbon Challenge” participants, any links not related to the Pink Ribbon Challenge will be deleted. Grab the code at Things We Share and post it in your blog entry. Please post only the Pink Ribbon Challenge actual post link here and help The Breast Cancer Site and National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. by spreading the Pink Ribbon Challenge.