Maternity Shoot with Friends

30 weeks to be exact now. Yesterday was my maternity shoot with KL Pinoy Photography Buff friends Jay, etsu & zaide held only at home. On the midst of the outdoor shoot, drizzle come along and eventually poured a not so heavy rain. Wait for a while for the rain to stop, gladly mr.rain did his way back to the clouds. The shoot continue, and was a perfect timing for us, coz it was not crowded at the pool area where it used to be every afternoon on a weekend. A couple of shoots with etsu and jay, gladly I was comfortable posing for them with my bump shown on a public area.Good thing the rain didn’t show up anymore so we shoot till we’ve come short of ideas and eventually head for the indoor shoot at home.

I’m loving the experience, being the model for the first time, incase you don’t know, I’m a photography enthusiast so normally I’m the one who has the camera and have you’re picture taken. Baby zoe showed my photographer friends that he was also enjoying the shoot, he was very active and would give a kick during my bump close up shoot. Hubby also took his part in one of the shoot and was constantly assisting our photographers.

It was a fun shooting experience on my first pregnancy. It was also a short chance learning strobes from my KLPPB Friends. Thank you guys for the effort. Here’s some behind the scene pictures.

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