Updates: 32 weeks at SG

My husband and I together with my family were in Singapore, when we marked my 32 weeks of pregnancy last weekend. My family was here in KL for a vacation in less than three weeks and the vacation will not be complete without a side trip to Singapore.

I was actually hesitant to go; I was worried I might get exhausted with the 5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore plus the walkathon during the sight seeing around Sentosa, Clark Quay, Esplanade and Orchard. Anyhow, I still did go with them, pretty good that the bus ride was not stressful, busses bound to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur have wide sitting space for passenger making it comfortable for all passenger. I did get tired with the walkathon around Singapore, but I manage to take rest in between everytime I feel tired and took a deep sleep upon reaching the hotel at around 10 pm. It was good that my pregnancy was healthy that made this trip possible for me and my little Z. Thanks God I and my little Z are doing well.

This was also my little Z’s second time in Singapore while his inside my womb. I was on my 1st trimester when my husband’s family visited us last April and as usual we brought them to Singapore.

Meanwhile, my bump is in its maximum size I think. Its getting bigger and bigger and I have to add new clothes on my wardrobe; some of my maternity clothes don’t fit me anymore at this stage. The pressure on my inner thigh is becoming worst, maybe due to little Z’s weight, and my ob told me to prepare for more pain along the way. I’ve havin a lot of sweet thoughts and cold craze the past weeks….yummy…

Were planning to have a 3d or 4d scan, but when I asked my ob where to get it here in KL, she immediately replied, why do you want to have it? The best way to detect abnormalities of the baby is thru 2d scan. Finally this word from here made me think twice “ its like having a jaguar instead of proton (proton is a government subsidized car in Malaysia) ” but still contemplating of having a 3d scan. I think its exciting to see him inside my womb almost complete to somehow quench the long wait. He is still very active down there, kicking, rolling and yes tickling me.

Thanks to hubby for the pictures.


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