Trying to Earn Online

Online jobs have widely spread now and I have read many testimonials of successful people in online business industry. I still have my work, but few months ago, I have ventured myself and tried embracing online business/jobs. And until now, I’m still struggling on getting my first payment. I have joined several PTC sites but I get easily bored of just clicking and waiting until it’s credited. I also tried google adsense but get frustrated when my account was blocked due to illegal clicks activities. I have lost morethan $20 of earning and was really frustrated. I’ve joined odesk but I find getting a job offer at odesk is just too hard.

Now, I am trying again my luck with different websites who pays by doing simple and small task, as well as sites that pays by participating in discussions. I have also started to become a publisher at adgitize. So far, I am doing well with this site with some few earnings but have to reach the minimum payout yet. I found it better than PTC’s, and I am looking forward of getting my first payment soon. I found out that you need to manage your time, have patient and self discipline if you want to become successful online. I am currently trying to apply these principles and hoping that just like other moms out there, I would also be successful online.

8 thoughts on “Trying to Earn Online

  1. Hi sis! gudluck to us… I am sharing the same dilemma. And yes, we need to be more patient to get things that we want.

  2. good luck… a lot have been successful with blogging and earning money out of it.. I can say I earn enough to buy diapers (lol)… couple of hundreds a month… just join Pay To Blog sites, some of them pay good, some pay less….

  3. be patient and your time will come to earn online. It took me six months before I started earning, but I got my PR2 already in the first three months. Just keep on posting good articles. 🙂

  4. hi sis! i just recently joined PayU2Blog. but you have to have your own domain. and it helps if you have someone who can refer you to their system. they really pay good. can really buy a month's supply of diapers…:-) well, good luck to us!

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