Pregnancy Massage

I have been wanting a massage when I entered my third trimester. My lower back almost reached its extreme pain as I spend most of my time sitting at the office. My leg and my inner thigh are also giving me discomfort. A professional massage is all I wanted but due to old wives tale that massage is not good for pregnant as this might have a negative effect to the baby, I endured the pain and let my hubby give me a very soft massage on the affected areas.

Out of curiosity, I have decided to do a research. I am not really convinced that massage is a no no no to pregnant women. I have come across to and was enlightened and found out that pregnancy massage have actually positive benefits to pregnant women.

A study in University of Miami School of Medicine suggests that prenatal massage might have positive effects which include a decreased back and leg pain, improved sleep, Lowered anxiety and Decreased level of stress hormone norepinephrine. On the other hand, prenatal massage which is given to a depressed pregnant woman may increased her “feel-good” hormones serotonin and dopamine, decreased levels of cortisol which is an indicator of stress and an overall improvement in mood.

A pregnancy massage usually will take an hour on a massage table specifically designed to accommodate a pregnant woman’s belly. Others use bolsters pillows for pregnant to position a woman on her side comfortably. It was also mentioned that one of the beneficial time for a massage is during pregnancy. This definitely surpassed this oldwives tale about massage, and I would have to treat myself to a whole body massage before giving birth.

However, there are still safe techniques that needs to be apply in a pregnancy massage, so be sure to have your pregnancy massage done by a professional pregnancy masseur or masseuse.

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