Sweet Thoughts my Sweet Sorrow

Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate frap, this were just a few that I have been craving lately. Since I entered my third trimester, sweets and smoothies is all I ever wanted. I would definitely blast with joy when my hubby allows me to eat sweets. Yesterday he bought me a slice of choco hazel nut cake and it did satisfy my cravings. My ob have told me to minimize my sugar intake as we are closely approaching the big day. I just had my glucose test last week but still waiting for the result.

Why is it that pregnant women should avoid sugar during their pregnancy? This is to avoid developing gestational diabetes, preeclampsia which is a serious medical condition that affects all body organs. This may lead to pre-mature birth while a severe preeclampsia can lead to seizures, kidney or liver complications.

An old wives tale says that eating too much sugar can cause big babies increasing the risk of undergoing a C-section for some women. Studies confirmed that too much intake of sugar can cause your baby to grow excessively large.

So to avoid sweet cravings, eat breakfast every morning, drink plenty of water, eat small-frequent snacks throughout the day. Eat fruits instead of sweets. And if you cannot resist your sweet thoughts, eating a small portion will be fine to satisfy your cravings.

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