The Importance of Water during Pregnancy

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Did you know that water can be the answer to lighten many side effects of pregnancy?
Fluid acts as our body’s transportation system that carries the nutrients through the blood to the baby, thus water has an important part of pregnancy. Water also helps prevents urinary tract infections which is common in pregnancy.

Dehydration during pregnancy could be very serious, so it is very important to keep our body hydrated not only during pregnancy. Most of the water intake is use in the amniotic sack, which helps to ensure that the baby is well protected inside the womb.

In later stage of pregnancy, dehydration may cause contractions that might lead to premature labor. It is recommended that we drink at least eight ounce glasses of water each day pregnant or not. There are many benefits a pregnant woman can get from having plenty of water inside the body. This includes, a healthier skin, less chance of pre-term labor, less acne, washing away unnecessary sodium and better bowel movements. During early pregnancy, having plenty of fluid between meals can also prevent nausea or morning sickness, this has been recommended by many doctors. It is also essential when you are having your exercise routine, pregnant or not. Fluids is lost through perspiration while having your exercise and that fluid loss needs to be replace.

Water has a very important part in pregnancy, making the mommy and the baby healthier. So let’s get our body very much hydrated mommies….

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