Early Signs of Labor or was just a false alarm?

Around 1:45pm yesterday, while in the office, I started feeling the pain in my lower abdomen, similarly to a menstrual cramp but the pain was tolerable, since I was used of having menstrual cramp during my monthly period. I continue working, until the pain lasted for hours and was actually getting stronger plus a lower back pain. With a task to finish, I simply endure the pain which was still bearable at that time, I manage to take note of the gap of each contractions. It was taking 10 to 15 mins with a gap of 20 to 60 seconds. The pain was progressing, at this time it was like a severe menstrual pain, that makes me want to lie down and rest. At that time the contraction pattern was still irregular. I called the hospital to report what was going on with me, and was advice to go to hospital for checking. I was constantly communicating with Hubby and he was almost in a panic mode while at work, too bad he need to finish something for that day. I waited until the end of office hours to go home.
At home, I lie down and rest for a while, while hubby was preparing our diner. The pain slightly subsided but it was not totally gone. After our diner, we prepare ourselves to the hospital. I took a bath as I might not have the chance to take a bath if I get admitted. Around 10:30pm we arrived at the hospital, just like nothing was going on with me. Hoping that this would be the big day hubby was getting excited and nervous, but there was this thought in our mind that I will be probably sent home. According to hubby everything looks normal with me. We were even laughing at ourselves why we head to the hospital. Anyhow, we also want to know what exactly was going on, so seeing our doctor was the right thing to do.
The hospital information counter was already close so we proceed to the nurse station as instructed. A short interview with the nurses, they ask me how I feel blablabla…then they take me to the labor/delivery room, for external fetal monitoring. I was totally relaxed, the nurse even told me looks like nothing was wrong with me and if I am in a true labor I would probably not talk to her the way I did last night.
For almost 2 hours of monitoring, it shows that baby Z was perfectly fine inside my womb and I only had mild to slightly severe contraction. We waited for the doctor to come and let her decide whether I will be admitted or not. The moment the doctor arrived, she examines my tummy, and did an IE as well. That was my first IE; it was too uncomfortable and slightly painful down there. We were told that I was in an early labor but I was only 1cm dilated. So the doctor decided to send me home, since I was only 1cm dilated but was advice to stay at home and observe my condition and once the pain get to stern, we know what to do. It was but a false alarm due to excitement perhaps.
This morning I woke up with the same feeling. The pain was still there but tolerable, according to the doctor there’s no way to relieve the pain, and I just have to find a comfortable position that may help ease the pain. Now im trying to walk around and do some house hold chores to help increase my dilation. Seriously, I am almost there, and I really hope to deliver soon.

Eagerness and Excitement

I just had my prenatal check this afternoon on my 36 weeks. When asked by my OB how have I been in the past 2 weeks, I said, I felt like he is coming out due to uterine contraction and Braxton hicks. I thought she would give me my first internal exam to check my cervix as I have been feeling those contractions and obviously close to my due date, but she didn’t. Ideally I still have to wait until till 38 weeks, to make sure that lil Z is fully matured giving us longer time to wait hence our full grown eagerness and excitement will subdue. But its ok, it’s better to be on the safe side. Two weeks will surely come to pass in a short period of time.

Breathing Techniques During Labor

The past few nights I feel like I am starting my labor with the presence of frequent Braxton hicks and false contraction. Those were signs that I am moving closer and closer to the big day. I have been keen in researching of what to expect on my delivery date, particularly the painful labor stages. I am giving myself a self education on this matter for me to know what exactly to do and expect during labor. An important thing to note is to learn the proper breathing technique during labor. Breathing has been known to ease labor pain and steady rhythm breathing will make you relax and focus.

Here are some points to remember during labor:

 At the early stage of labor, begin with Slow Breathing take a deep relaxing breath at the beginning and end of each contraction through your nose and release it through your mouth. It will provide more oxygen to your baby, your body muscles and your uterus. This will also help you focus.

 During the active phase of labor, use Light Accelerated Breathing, where you breathe in and out rapidly through your mouth which is about one breath per second. The intensity of the contraction will guide you when to start using light breathing. Remember that inhalations should be quite but exhalation should be audible and try keeping your breathing shallow and light.

 At the second stage of the labor which is the transition stage, where it is believed to be the most painful part of labor because this is where your cervix gets fully dilated, try using Expulsion Breathing. Breathe slowly with a big sigh at the beginning of each contraction then breathe out. Again, let your contraction guide you when to accelerate or lighten your breathing for your comfort. At this time, you may feel an urge to push, when it happens, take a big breath, tuck chin to chest then curl your body and lean forward. While holding your breath or slowly releasing the air bear down your body and relax your pelvic floor. Continue expulsion breathing until the contraction subsides. Once contraction ends, just relax your body and take one or two calming breaths.

Proper breathing is beneficial pregnant or not. It affects virtually every parts of our body. It revitalizes organs, cells and tissues as well as oxygenates our body. Proper breathing also helps eliminates toxins in our body and strengthens our immune system.

Fear of the Unknown @ 35 weeks

Marking my 35 weeks of pregnancy today, very close to the big day and the excitement become more intense. It seems that the reality of being a mother is hitting me on this final stage of pregnancy and looking forward of everything about being a first time mom. And as we move closely to the big day, I was haunted by what I called the fear of the unknown. Being a first time mom, though I read lots of pregnancy books, I am absolutely bare about what will happen on the big day. Been thinking ahead, will I bare the labour pains? How will I cope with the pain? Will I deliver normally? And so on… Occupied with loads of questions and fear, what relieves me is knowing that God is with me and that I can do it in partnership with Him and claiming that everything would be fine under His control. This really makes me confident.

Meanwhile, my baby Z’s bag is all up for grab once he gave me a sign that he is ready to meet me and his big daddy Z. There have been a lot of changes physically. Lately my ankle had a mild swelling. Easily get tired when I stand for a long period, and the pain in my inner ties is becoming more intense every time I went out of bed. Been through in a severe constipation, I had to sit on the toilet bowl for almost an hour ending up crying for an unsuccessful bowel movement. My OB wants a natural way to relieve constipation, so I increased my fiber food intake. Taking veg & fruits that are rich in fiber and for almost 2 weeks, I stayed away from meat. Thanks to prune & pineapple juice it did helped me soften my stool. Constipation is normal to pregnant women but there are definitely ways to avoid it. Also I have been feeling Braxton Hix and false contraction the past few weeks. According to the books, this is a practice for my cervix in preparation for the big day.

I also felt ugly at this stage…LOL…It seems that while my armpit is getting darker, my face is also getting dark. Swimming still serves as my major exercise plus Kegel keeping me energized through out the day.

Excitement without fear is what I am trying to establish emotionally right now and hoping that by the Grace of God, everything will be fine until our lil Z come out.

Safety First

Maintaining your car means ensuring your safety when you’re driving. There are different parts and factors in your car that might go wrong but if you properly maintain your car you don’t have to worry about it too much. Being the most important part of the car, most of the time, hubby ensures that the car’s brake is working properly to ensure our safety. If he find any doubt on the car’s brake, he immediately send it to car repair shop for a brake job to maintain the working quality of the brakes. Just last week, together with his friend who owns a Chevrolet Silverado , he brought the family car for his maintenance round at a car repair shop. Though maintenance can be a pain in our pockets, having your car maintenance is very much necessary to keep your auto running efficiently and will ensure your family’s safety while driving.

For quality car repair need, get the quality accident prevention which will ensure to you by Dallas auto repair who actually gives an unbiased repair estimates and a friendly service.

Which Crib Beddings to Grab?

Last weekend, a friend offers her almost antique crib to us which were also handed down to her by someone. So we don’t need to buy a new crib for little Z, instead we will be looking for a crib beddings.

Hubby and I have been checking the local stores around but did not yet grab any crib beddings yet. I have come across a series of crib bedding over the net. Local stores, commonly have yellow, blue, and pink color beddings. I saw this lavender crib bedding by Tadpoles Basics over the net and I really love the color but my little Z is a boy, I don’t think lavender would be a nice choice for a baby boy; I browsed the website and found this black crib bedding elegant. I still have to check with hubby if a touch of black would be fine with him. Meanwhile, there are also different designs that I was contemplating of buying. Their farm crib beddings design was cool, where there are different colorful and bright color designs that you can choose from. The crib bedding set usually comes in 4 pieces which include comforter, bumper pad with ties, fitted sheet and crib ruffle. I have come across several positive reviews saying that the material is soft and durable which is actually a good factor to consider. I would really love having one of these products. Perhaps the black crib bedding will be a good choice. The prices was actually right and within our budget which is another plus factor. So which is which? Hubby and I need to sit down and decide which one to grab on the weekends.

Meanwhile, aside from the crib biddings, we are still looking for a stroller. Thanks to my father for sponsoring for my little Z’s stroller. Graco Stroller is on our top list for its safety and comfort features. Safety features of a stroller are very important not only to us but to most parents that’s why we are choosing Graco. We hope to buy Z’s stroller this coming weekend. For mommies who are having twins you can check this cool graco duoglide double stroller which comes in different designs and safety features.

Should we Celebrate Halloween?

The World Book Encylopedia says Halloween is a festival that takes place on October 31st where children wear costumes and masquerading as witches, ghosts, goblins, skeletons, demons, and other grotesque characters hopping through the neighborhood changing “trick or treat” while holding out a sack or basket in which one is to drop a piece of candy or other goodies.

I use to celebrate Halloween when I was younger, and my curiosity wrap up my mind as I grow old, “do we really have to celebrate Halloween?”

Brief History

History shows that Halloween came from a Celtic Festival called Samhain (pronounced as Sah-ween or Sow-in), where the Celts celebrates the beginning of the new year on November 1st. They believe that on the last evening of the year which is October 31, the ghost of the dead returned to the earth, roamed the world and causing damage to crops and performing other mischief as they searched for living bodies to possess. So on that eve, the celts would dress in scary costumes and parade to the town with an intention of frightening the spirits away.

After the Celtics lands were conquered by the Romans, Samhain was eventually absorbed by the Romans. The Romans, celebrate two holiday, the Feralia which is a day in October to commemorate the passing of the dead and the Pomona to celebrate the goddess of fruit and tress.

In 7th century, Samhain was replaced by the Roman Catholic church as November 1 the All Saint’s Day and November 2 the All Souls Day, a day when the living prayed for the souls of the dead. But the celts tradition of wearing scary costumes still continues. Read more.

My Thoughts about the Halloween

Halloween was merely a tradition by the Celtics and eventually carried out by the Romans. It is very obvious that the elements, symbols, and traditions of the Halloween observance dabbling emphasis on goblins and demons, witches and skeletons, ghosts and apparitions rising from cemeteries denotes a pagan acts. The Halloween was absolutely not in the Bible, but the Bible does talk about witchcraft and paganism, and thus provides guidance on whether Christians should celebrate Halloween. Deuteronomy 18:10-13 (New International Version) says, “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in [a] the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God.” Some will say that they are not literally practicing these things, and there’s no big deal in it. But then again the Bible says “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them” (Eph. 5:11). “Abstain from all appearances of evil” (1 Thes. 5:22). “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).

I have nothing against to those who celebrate Halloween, it is still our discretion whether we choose to celebrate or not. As for me, the Bible was clear, in providing as guidance whether to celebrate or not to celebrate such Holiday.