Which Crib Beddings to Grab?

Last weekend, a friend offers her almost antique crib to us which were also handed down to her by someone. So we don’t need to buy a new crib for little Z, instead we will be looking for a crib beddings.

Hubby and I have been checking the local stores around but did not yet grab any crib beddings yet. I have come across a series of crib bedding over the net. Local stores, commonly have yellow, blue, and pink color beddings. I saw this lavender crib bedding by Tadpoles Basics over the net and I really love the color but my little Z is a boy, I don’t think lavender would be a nice choice for a baby boy; I browsed the website and found this black crib bedding elegant. I still have to check with hubby if a touch of black would be fine with him. Meanwhile, there are also different designs that I was contemplating of buying. Their farm crib beddings design was cool, where there are different colorful and bright color designs that you can choose from. The crib bedding set usually comes in 4 pieces which include comforter, bumper pad with ties, fitted sheet and crib ruffle. I have come across several positive reviews saying that the material is soft and durable which is actually a good factor to consider. I would really love having one of these products. Perhaps the black crib bedding will be a good choice. The prices was actually right and within our budget which is another plus factor. So which is which? Hubby and I need to sit down and decide which one to grab on the weekends.

Meanwhile, aside from the crib biddings, we are still looking for a stroller. Thanks to my father for sponsoring for my little Z’s stroller. Graco Stroller is on our top list for its safety and comfort features. Safety features of a stroller are very important not only to us but to most parents that’s why we are choosing Graco. We hope to buy Z’s stroller this coming weekend. For mommies who are having twins you can check this cool graco duoglide double stroller which comes in different designs and safety features.

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