Fear of the Unknown @ 35 weeks

Marking my 35 weeks of pregnancy today, very close to the big day and the excitement become more intense. It seems that the reality of being a mother is hitting me on this final stage of pregnancy and looking forward of everything about being a first time mom. And as we move closely to the big day, I was haunted by what I called the fear of the unknown. Being a first time mom, though I read lots of pregnancy books, I am absolutely bare about what will happen on the big day. Been thinking ahead, will I bare the labour pains? How will I cope with the pain? Will I deliver normally? And so on… Occupied with loads of questions and fear, what relieves me is knowing that God is with me and that I can do it in partnership with Him and claiming that everything would be fine under His control. This really makes me confident.

Meanwhile, my baby Z’s bag is all up for grab once he gave me a sign that he is ready to meet me and his big daddy Z. There have been a lot of changes physically. Lately my ankle had a mild swelling. Easily get tired when I stand for a long period, and the pain in my inner ties is becoming more intense every time I went out of bed. Been through in a severe constipation, I had to sit on the toilet bowl for almost an hour ending up crying for an unsuccessful bowel movement. My OB wants a natural way to relieve constipation, so I increased my fiber food intake. Taking veg & fruits that are rich in fiber and for almost 2 weeks, I stayed away from meat. Thanks to prune & pineapple juice it did helped me soften my stool. Constipation is normal to pregnant women but there are definitely ways to avoid it. Also I have been feeling Braxton Hix and false contraction the past few weeks. According to the books, this is a practice for my cervix in preparation for the big day.

I also felt ugly at this stage…LOL…It seems that while my armpit is getting darker, my face is also getting dark. Swimming still serves as my major exercise plus Kegel keeping me energized through out the day.

Excitement without fear is what I am trying to establish emotionally right now and hoping that by the Grace of God, everything will be fine until our lil Z come out.

2 thoughts on “Fear of the Unknown @ 35 weeks

  1. Wow…you are almost there. ^_^ May God bless you a good delivery.

    Don't stress yourself too much, and relax always.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my site.

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