Breathing Techniques During Labor

The past few nights I feel like I am starting my labor with the presence of frequent Braxton hicks and false contraction. Those were signs that I am moving closer and closer to the big day. I have been keen in researching of what to expect on my delivery date, particularly the painful labor stages. I am giving myself a self education on this matter for me to know what exactly to do and expect during labor. An important thing to note is to learn the proper breathing technique during labor. Breathing has been known to ease labor pain and steady rhythm breathing will make you relax and focus.

Here are some points to remember during labor:

 At the early stage of labor, begin with Slow Breathing take a deep relaxing breath at the beginning and end of each contraction through your nose and release it through your mouth. It will provide more oxygen to your baby, your body muscles and your uterus. This will also help you focus.

 During the active phase of labor, use Light Accelerated Breathing, where you breathe in and out rapidly through your mouth which is about one breath per second. The intensity of the contraction will guide you when to start using light breathing. Remember that inhalations should be quite but exhalation should be audible and try keeping your breathing shallow and light.

 At the second stage of the labor which is the transition stage, where it is believed to be the most painful part of labor because this is where your cervix gets fully dilated, try using Expulsion Breathing. Breathe slowly with a big sigh at the beginning of each contraction then breathe out. Again, let your contraction guide you when to accelerate or lighten your breathing for your comfort. At this time, you may feel an urge to push, when it happens, take a big breath, tuck chin to chest then curl your body and lean forward. While holding your breath or slowly releasing the air bear down your body and relax your pelvic floor. Continue expulsion breathing until the contraction subsides. Once contraction ends, just relax your body and take one or two calming breaths.

Proper breathing is beneficial pregnant or not. It affects virtually every parts of our body. It revitalizes organs, cells and tissues as well as oxygenates our body. Proper breathing also helps eliminates toxins in our body and strengthens our immune system.

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  1. proper breathing technique will really be important in giving birth..not in my case, though, i never went through labor 15 hours after my water broke that i had to undergo an emergency CS operation….
    goodluck on your childgiving…
    stopping by from SP and followed you too:)

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