Eagerness and Excitement

I just had my prenatal check this afternoon on my 36 weeks. When asked by my OB how have I been in the past 2 weeks, I said, I felt like he is coming out due to uterine contraction and Braxton hicks. I thought she would give me my first internal exam to check my cervix as I have been feeling those contractions and obviously close to my due date, but she didn’t. Ideally I still have to wait until till 38 weeks, to make sure that lil Z is fully matured giving us longer time to wait hence our full grown eagerness and excitement will subdue. But its ok, it’s better to be on the safe side. Two weeks will surely come to pass in a short period of time.

3 thoughts on “Eagerness and Excitement

  1. God bless! It's the most exciting event in a woman's life actually! For first time moms, usually it's one week early or one week late, if you really want him out before the 40th week, my OB suggested nipple stimulation. it did work, my son was out one week before my expected date of delivery!

    Have a safe delivery!

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