Breastmilk: The Nature’s Perfect Food for Babies

It is no doubt that breastfeeding is good for both mother and baby. It is perfectly balanced and contains everything that the baby needs to grow and develop. It is easy for babies to digest breastmilk and most of all contains antibodies which protect them from illness and even has growth hormones. It is a very safe product which stood the test of time, this is why since my little one was born I am trying to breastfeed him and I am so thankful that I don’t have problem with breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is also good for mother as it helps the womb to contract more quickly after birth, this will also help mommies to get back in shape more quickly. It is ideal to breastfeed soon after your child is born so when you feel ready, ask the nurses to help you start breastfeeding. In my case, it was the nurses who insisted and keep on reminding me to start breastfeeding immediately.

To breastfeed, make sure that you are both comfortable and your back is properly supported before you start feeding. Sit with your back supported, your legs down and your feet flat on the floor. This position will help the baby get a good mouthful of breast that will help him lactate properly. In early days of breastfeeding, the milk that you are producing is called colostrum which is design to nourish and protect new babies. It contains antibodies and protein. In the beginning you maybe conscious if you have enough milk and you may find yourself worrying if your baby is getting enough milk. According to books, in early weeks of breastfeeding, as long as the baby is having six to eight wet nappies every day, a soft stool often or every after feed and he grows steadily, he is perfectly fine. Weighing him from time to time every check up would also give you a guide how much milk he is getting.

On the other hand, it is also important to focus on yourself while breastfeeding. Do not forget yourself. Take a healthy balanced diet, remember that whatever you eat will affect the baby. Avoid alcohol and stick to healthy food. The better care you take of yourself the happier you and your baby will be.

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