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One of my goals for 2011 is to improve my cooking. I desire to learn to cook more recipes not just for my own satisfaction but for hubby’s indulgence too. Before I start doing so, I thought of having a food blog to archive my cooking delight and to share the experience to my bloggosphere friends. It’s not just the blog that I ought to have for this goal; I too would like to have kitchen and cooking wares that I don’t have in our kitchen cabinet. We only have the basics in our kitchen just like our 1 quart plastic pitchers. And as much as my hubby wants to buy a cheap nike soccer indoor shoes I might love to buy those kitchen ware that I rarely use before just like the #32 plastic sausage stuffing tubefor homemade sausages.I don’t really love cooking and I don’t know much about it but I won’t get tired of learning this thing.
I get so excited about this and I am looking forward of starting this new project soon.

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