Mittens Free

Our little one is finally mittens free and can freely suck his thumb now. I have previously wrote about how to cut baby’s nail hoping that it will help me to have the courage to cut baby Z’s nails. And as promise, I finally did it last weekend while he is on a deep sleep. And I have discover that its not too hard to do it. As I’ve said before, you just need to have that courage, that tiny nail cutter for baby then follow the instructions or tips found on your research or from experienced mommies, plus minding that super extra care in order to avoid accident then you’ll have your baby’s nail cut done.

I’m happy I just did, because now, I can see the satisfaction he gets from thumb sucking. Love yah baby….

How to Add a Custom Header in WordPress Theme

When I move from Blogger to WordPress, I was having a hard time poking my blog’s appearance. I thought wordpress platform is not user friendly. unfortunately, whining won’t help me so took time to familiarize its features. I was then able to tweak my blog’s appearance slightly. One of them was changing the custom header on my purple pastel theme created by Mel Pedley.

So, how do you change your custom header?

First thing first, log in to your wordpress account. On your dashboard, select Themes under Appearance tab. To select which theme you would like to install to your blog, choose Install theme. You have different option to search for a theme. Either by keyword, author or tag. Or you can either choose between the featured, newest and recently updated themes. Or, if you have a custom theme, just choose upload to upload your custom theme.

Once you have chosen a theme for your blog, install and activate the theme.

Now, for you to customize your header, just select header under the appearance tab on your dashboard. Important note: Choose a theme that supports custom header option to be able to customize the header. Upload your custom header by clicking the browse button and upload button. If you have your blog title included in your custom header, select No on display text under header text, then hit save changes.

Now view your blog, and you are done.

The Pink Planters

Im not into gardening ever since I was born. Though my grandmother love’s it and has her garden at home the thoughts of following her gardening tricks doesn’t interest me. If I do, I don’t think I will be a good gardener at all.

I always thought that gardening is for old and boring people. This is why I was surprised to know that one of my colleagues, a not so old yet a hip engineer is in to gardening. I was kinda laughing when I heard about it. And yes, it was affirmed last weekend when we visited his house that he is indeed a gardener. So what’s funny about being a gardener? Nothing is really funny about being a gardener, what makes me laugh, was the affirmation that this hip, cool, techy and career oriented engineer is actually into gardening. I thought it is only for my granny and other grannies and mommies out there. Well, that’s what I thought. Just imagine a garden in a bachelor’s pad with a small pink planter boxes on his kitchen’s nook. Isn’t it cool? I just feel sorry for not having a camera with me not even a cam phone so I could show you how cute that pink planter inside a bachelor’s pad.

Bring Me: An Old Photo!

I have this old picture of me and my sister in my wallet. I have been keeping it for almost 3 years now since I took it from my father’s wallet with his permission. It was during my recognition day when I was in my first grade. I was 6 and my sister was 3 years old when that picture was taken. I got an honor thats why am holding a gift and my sis holds some of my gifts. And why am I writing about this damn old photo? Who cares? Well, I just got interested of sharing this when this photo for the second time won a price from the popular parlor game Bring Me!

I was in a friend’s birthday party when this photo grabbed a pack of chocolates as a game prize. And by chance, I didn’t know that it will grab another prize for the second time. Last Sunday, during our church anniversary, the old photo won a display frame from bring me parlor game. Simple prizes from an effortless fun game. It just gives me another reason to keep more old photos inside my wallet. LoL. Who knows, next time it will grab a fancier prize. How about you, do you have an old photo in your wallet?

Cutting Baby’s Fingernails

My Baby Z is turning 3 months this coming march 3 and I thought of cutting his fingernails to keep his hands mittens free. I have noticed that he is frequently sucking his mittens; I think it’s about time that he learns to suck his thumb. Aside from milk, I think sucking is one of their satisfactions at this stage. I bought a baby nail cutter last week but I haven’t cut his fingernails yet. I am not yet ready to cut his fingernails. They are just so tiny and I worry of clipping more than just a nails. And so I did further research on how to cut baby’s finger nail to slake the apprehension inside me.

Tips on cutting baby’s fingernails

  1. Make sure that you and your baby is on a safe and secure position.
  2. Hold your baby’s hand. Take his finger and softly press down the skin on his finger tips to create a gap between the nail and the finger.
  3. Carefully insert the nail cutter to the small gap between the nail and the finger. Make sure that the entire nail is in the nail cutter. Before pressing the nail cutter, make sure that there is no skin inside the cutter. Never, never press the cutter unless you are sure that there is no skin inside the cutter.
  4. Ensure that the baby does not move to avoid accidents. It is better to do the cutting when the baby is sleeping to avoid movements. Just do the process gently to avoid disturbing baby’s sleep.

I think, I just need to carefully follow the steps, and I am sure I will not go wrong. For me it’s just take courage to do this and a bunch of baby care. I hope to do this right this coming weekend.

Why use a Sling?

Today, slings are used even in the most civilized country. Though I came from a country where a sling is not widely use, I have been thinking of using it to carry my little one. So I carefully examine the benefits of using a sling before grabbing my piece from the store.

So, what are the benefits of using a sling?

  • Carrying the baby cannot be avoided, this is actually the reason why am I thinking of using a sling. Carrying the baby in a sling is an ergonomic method. It prevents from straining or injuring the parents back due to its balanced support.
  • Its breastfeeding friendly. You get an opportunity to breastfeed in a position that is comfortable for both mother and child.
  • It promotes good posture while carrying the baby without any compression applied to their spine.
  • Helps get things done. You can move around, do household chores or go for shopping while your baby go along with you in a sling ride. Being hands-free is definitely an advantage.
  • Lastly it strengthen attachment or bonding between the mother and the child.

I just bought my piece of baby sling yesterday. At first try, i don’t know how to put the baby into it and it was uncomfortable. But after following the instructions on how to carrythe baby in a sling, i finally carried baby Z in a sling in a comfy way and looks like he feels comfortable inside it.

Increase your traffic through Adgitise

When I move momsicle to a new domain and web hosting, my alexa page rank dropped to 6M. And so I have to start blog hopping again to gain traffic and started advertising my blog at adgitise. I started advertising momsicle at adgitise last January 28, and in less than 3 weeks, my alexa ranking was up by millions. Momsicle have now crossed 1M. From 6M now at 800,000. I have been advertising my other blog in adgitise and the $14 for 1 month advertisement is really a value for money.

So if you want to increase your traffic, try adgitising, to draw traffic you want to your blog. Register for free here.

How to get Visit Pass Extension in Malaysia

My sister’s visit pass is due on Feb 28. Since we have decided that she will join our trip back to the Philippines this coming march, we went to Malaysian Immigration yesterday for her visa extension. I was hoping that we could finish the whole process in halfday, but unfortunately halfday was not enough. But thank God we were able to get her extension pass on the same day.

Here’s a short guide on how to apply for a visit pass extension in Malaysia.

  • Go to Visit Pass, Social Visit Pass Division at the Malaysian Immigration in Putrajaya.
  • Fill out the Application Form for Visit Pass Extension. You can get the form at the form counter or you can download it from their website.
  • Furnish a copy of the required documents such as, original and photocopy of your passport, confirmed return ticket, visit pass application form, supporting documents if any, and submit it to the designated officer assigned. You have to pay 100 RM for the visa.

That’s it. You just have to wait until your number gets called, for your payment and for the release. Sounds so easy, the only thing I didn’t like was the long cue; we waited for long hours. So be their early in the morning to avoid the long cue and for quick processing.

Cradle Cap on Babies

This dandruff like thing on baby Z’s head bothers us for almost two weeks now. Though it is nothing serious, we just feel uncomfortable seeing his head in that condition. Since our next appointment with his pediatrician is still two weeks from now, I have no choice but to count on Mr. “G” to educate me on this matter.

And so, Mr. “G” taught me that this dandruff like thing or event thick yellowish / brownish patches on my baby’s head is actually a Cradle Cap and is normal to new born babies. It shows up during the baby’s first few months. On baby Z’s case, it showed up on his second month. Cradle cap is harmless and often clears up in six up to 12 months.

Wondering what causes cradle cap?
It is believed that the cause of cradle cap is from the mother’s hormone which was received by the baby in the late pregnancy stage that have stimulated the baby’s seborrheic (oil producing) glands. It is not caused by poor hygiene or allergies. Some parents get upset, thinking that it is caused by a poor hygiene. Though parents get bothered, what we don’t know is that cradle cap doesn’t really bother the baby.

How to get rid of cradle cap?
As mentioned before, cradle cap is harmless. Therefore it won’t do any harm if you don’t treat your baby’s cradle cap. But if you are bothered, frequent shampooing and gently brushing the baby’s scalp will lessen it. Oil or petroleum jelly may help to loosen and soften the dry flakes, just apply a small amount on your baby’s scalp then gently comb out the flakes with fine or soft brush. Then, wash your baby’s scalp with a baby shampoo. Remember not to overdo it, as it might further stimulate the baby’s producing glands.

For severe cases, you should contact your health care provider. She may prescribe you a seborrhea shampoo or a cortisone cream if the baby’s scalp is inflamed.

As of the moment, cradle cap on baby Z’s head is slowly disappearing. I applied petroleum jelly to soften the flakes and his dad took time combing the flakes just before I take him to bath.

Ready to Travel

I just get hold of my little one’s passport last Monday. I remember how funny it was to take his picture when we were applying for his passport last January. It was funny yet we enjoyed the experience. I’m excited for his first trip to the Philippines this coming march. Thanks to our friend Zaide of Philippine embassy for the assistance and the quick processing of baby Z’s passport.