Cradle Cap on Babies

This dandruff like thing on baby Z’s head bothers us for almost two weeks now. Though it is nothing serious, we just feel uncomfortable seeing his head in that condition. Since our next appointment with his pediatrician is still two weeks from now, I have no choice but to count on Mr. “G” to educate me on this matter.

And so, Mr. “G” taught me that this dandruff like thing or event thick yellowish / brownish patches on my baby’s head is actually a Cradle Cap and is normal to new born babies. It shows up during the baby’s first few months. On baby Z’s case, it showed up on his second month. Cradle cap is harmless and often clears up in six up to 12 months.

Wondering what causes cradle cap?
It is believed that the cause of cradle cap is from the mother’s hormone which was received by the baby in the late pregnancy stage that have stimulated the baby’s seborrheic (oil producing) glands. It is not caused by poor hygiene or allergies. Some parents get upset, thinking that it is caused by a poor hygiene. Though parents get bothered, what we don’t know is that cradle cap doesn’t really bother the baby.

How to get rid of cradle cap?
As mentioned before, cradle cap is harmless. Therefore it won’t do any harm if you don’t treat your baby’s cradle cap. But if you are bothered, frequent shampooing and gently brushing the baby’s scalp will lessen it. Oil or petroleum jelly may help to loosen and soften the dry flakes, just apply a small amount on your baby’s scalp then gently comb out the flakes with fine or soft brush. Then, wash your baby’s scalp with a baby shampoo. Remember not to overdo it, as it might further stimulate the baby’s producing glands.

For severe cases, you should contact your health care provider. She may prescribe you a seborrhea shampoo or a cortisone cream if the baby’s scalp is inflamed.

As of the moment, cradle cap on baby Z’s head is slowly disappearing. I applied petroleum jelly to soften the flakes and his dad took time combing the flakes just before I take him to bath.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. My son is 7 months old and he still has cradle cap. It is bothering me. If the flakes won’t fall off, will they become adult dandruff?

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