Why use a Sling?

Today, slings are used even in the most civilized country. Though I came from a country where a sling is not widely use, I have been thinking of using it to carry my little one. So I carefully examine the benefits of using a sling before grabbing my piece from the store.

So, what are the benefits of using a sling?

  • Carrying the baby cannot be avoided, this is actually the reason why am I thinking of using a sling. Carrying the baby in a sling is an ergonomic method. It prevents from straining or injuring the parents back due to its balanced support.
  • Its breastfeeding friendly. You get an opportunity to breastfeed in a position that is comfortable for both mother and child.
  • It promotes good posture while carrying the baby without any compression applied to their spine.
  • Helps get things done. You can move around, do household chores or go for shopping while your baby go along with you in a sling ride. Being hands-free is definitely an advantage.
  • Lastly it strengthen attachment or bonding between the mother and the child.

I just bought my piece of baby sling yesterday. At first try, i don’t know how to put the baby into it and it was uncomfortable. But after following the instructions on how to carrythe baby in a sling, i finally carried baby Z in a sling in a comfy way and looks like he feels comfortable inside it.

3 thoughts on “Why use a Sling?

  1. I never used a sling when my Maia was still a newborn/ infant. I guess I was just too afraid to try it out. I remember my mother-in-law gifted me a couple of those but I never used them. Guess, I’ll never know how it “feels” until I fall pregnant again 🙂

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