Bring Me: An Old Photo!

I have this old picture of me and my sister in my wallet. I have been keeping it for almost 3 years now since I took it from my father’s wallet with his permission. It was during my recognition day when I was in my first grade. I was 6 and my sister was 3 years old when that picture was taken. I got an honor thats why am holding a gift and my sis holds some of my gifts. And why am I writing about this damn old photo? Who cares? Well, I just got interested of sharing this when this photo for the second time won a price from the popular parlor game Bring Me!

I was in a friend’s birthday party when this photo grabbed a pack of chocolates as a game prize. And by chance, I didn’t know that it will grab another prize for the second time. Last Sunday, during our church anniversary, the old photo won a display frame from bring me parlor game. Simple prizes from an effortless fun game. It just gives me another reason to keep more old photos inside my wallet. LoL. Who knows, next time it will grab a fancier prize. How about you, do you have an old photo in your wallet?

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