The Pink Planters

Im not into gardening ever since I was born. Though my grandmother love’s it and has her garden at home the thoughts of following her gardening tricks doesn’t interest me. If I do, I don’t think I will be a good gardener at all.

I always thought that gardening is for old and boring people. This is why I was surprised to know that one of my colleagues, a not so old yet a hip engineer is in to gardening. I was kinda laughing when I heard about it. And yes, it was affirmed last weekend when we visited his house that he is indeed a gardener. So what’s funny about being a gardener? Nothing is really funny about being a gardener, what makes me laugh, was the affirmation that this hip, cool, techy and career oriented engineer is actually into gardening. I thought it is only for my granny and other grannies and mommies out there. Well, that’s what I thought. Just imagine a garden in a bachelor’s pad with a small pink planter boxes on his kitchen’s nook. Isn’t it cool? I just feel sorry for not having a camera with me not even a cam phone so I could show you how cute that pink planter inside a bachelor’s pad.

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