The Birth Week

As soon as February ends, it’s a sign that the family’s birth week is coming. I called it birth week, for we have three birthdays to celebrate in a week’s time. And that means I’ll have to go hunting for a unique gift ideas. Usually we start the birth week with my father’s birthday on March six. I still don’t know what we are having on my dad’s birthday. But last year the family had a simple dinner with our grannies in a fine dining restaurant. Hopefully this year will be something new. Following my dad’s birthday is my cousin’s Jet birthday on the tenth of March. This is also a relative’s get together on my father’s side. As early as today, I had their gifts wrapped to avoid last minute shopping, because knowing me, I always had a hard time choosing a birthday present for men.

To close the birth week is our little Mojo’s day on the eleventh. Mojo is our Japanese Spitz dog who’s been with us for four years now. We usually give him a simple celebration at home. Have his picture taken with his birthday cake plus his favorite doggie food. It’s gonna be a perky week next week and I’ll be enjoying it for sure.

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