Shopping for our Tiny Box

It’s been more than a year since we acquired our two bedroom condo unit somewhere in the city. We call it our tiny box since it’s not that huge. Up to now, it is still bare and unoccupied since we are based in Kuala Lumpur. By second week of March, we will be going home for a vacation. I thought of buying some stuff that I could bring home for this tiny box of ours. So right after work, hubby and I went for a home shopping. It’s been a long while since we had our last home shopping. Since curtains, beddings and rugs are cheaper here, I decided to grab those items for home. I just love shopping for curtains here in KL for the good quality of textiles. Beddings are a lot cheaper here so I bought several pieces while I was torn between the seagrass rug and bamboo rug. I ended up buying them both. I was also thinking of buying chandeliers, since it is cheap to have them here but I guess shipping them to the Philippines will be a problem. I remember a friend who ships the same item to the Philippines and got disgusted when he found his chandeliers broke into pieces. So to be sure, I’ll just buy chandeliers in the Philippines.

It was tiring, and so we decided to have a sumptuous dinner to satisfy our hunger after our shopping. More shopping next week until our flight comes.

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