Goodbye Smiles

Normally when we leave for work, Baby Z is sleeping. But this morning, just before we leave for work, he woke up with big smiles. We greeted him good morning with smiles and asked him how his sleep was. He replied with all smiles plus his normal baby talking that sounds telling us that he just had a very good sleep and a sweet dreams. So cute that it made me grab my cam and fired the shutter to capture this goodbye smiles. What a lovely morning for us, it made me sad leaving him again for work. Little milestones like this make me wanna pursue my plans of becoming a full time mom or atleast a work at home mom. I just have developed a fear of not seeing him grow.

9 thoughts on “Goodbye Smiles

  1. Baby Z is so cute! Same here mommy, I’m also looking for an opportunity to work at home so I can take care of my son. Goodluck to us!

  2. Wahh! So cute! Hmmm.. sino kaya ang kamukha? Mukhang ka smile ni Zanti,peace :D. It also break my heart whenever I leave for work swing my kid’s smiles while bidding goodbye.
    God bless us all who wants to pursue working at home 😀


  3. Hi! ang sarap maging nanay, kung pede lang na magstay sa house, minsan I am wishing na sana tulad na lang dati na house lang ang nanay to take care of the kids and the home.

  4. magandang umaga… bka hind na muna ako makadalaw po sa blog mo po.. kasi aun.may finals po ako sa sabado at sa maonday need ko po ipasa un..kung hindi katapsan ko na.. joke! ang mangyayari lang pag d ko napasa..dagdag isang taon.. wahh! ayw ko mang yari ung.. pasama naman po sa prayers ^_^ Salamat!

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