Short Trip to Melaka

An unplanned trip to Kuala Lumpur’s 3rd smallest and historical state Malacca. 148 km south of Kuala Lumpur, and 245 km north of Singapore where traces of Dutch and Portuguese heritage were remarkable which was inscribe in the world heritage list.
 photo DSC_3623a.jpg
It was a quick visit since it was an unplanned trip. I wish I had more pictures to showcase but with only 3 hours stay at Malacca we did nothing but sight seeing while setting inside the car. I must be very keen in shooting next time I went to an unplanned trip like these, especially if your not there for a photo opt nor as a tourist. Thank you very much Pst.J and Kuya Rex’s family for inviting us.

 photo DSC_3599.jpg

 photo DSC_3649.jpg
There are more to see and discover and I’ll be back Malacca. See you!

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