A WAHM Wannabe

I have been a regular employee of mostly architectural firm for almost seven years now. Three years in Philippines, two years in Dubai, five months in Mumbai and almost two years here in Kuala Lumpur. And now that we have our little one, I just feel the need of becoming a full time mom. I don’t want to see baby Z grow under the care of a nanny especially on his early years as a baby and a toddler. I just thought of becoming a Work at Home Mom will give me an opportunity to take care of my baby, witness his milestones and watch him grow while earning at home. Hubby and my petite earnings online (hopefully it will increase by next month), have supported my plans of becoming a fulltime mom and eventually pursue a career as a work at home mom. And so I recently submitted my resignation letter and I will be working for this company until the end of April this year. And that means I have to work hard in pursuing my blogging career. If other moms can serve food in their table thru blogging why can’t I?

So here I am, chasing companies that pay bloggers to blog and working on adding more blogs to my active blogs. Being a blogger is not that easy, especially to someone like me who sometimes run out of topic to blog or even words to write. Writing is not really a passion but I’m starting to love it. I started blogging, only because I want to archive my venture to photography. And when I get pregnant, I started a personal blog on becoming a mom and a wife. That was the birth of this blog. The so called Momsicle. I am fortunate that Momsicle is generating income. It may not be as big as my salary of being an Architectural Assistant, I’m contented that my online earnings can help me pay the internet bill and buy me a month diaper of my kiddo. Hopefully by next month it’ll double.

If this plan does not make its way to fulfillment, I have no choice but to jump on my plan B. And that is to be back on my old self; a regular expat employee.

7 thoughts on “A WAHM Wannabe

  1. That is my long term goal too – to someday be a work at home mom (when I become a mom) or to have my own small home business so I can work for myself. Good luck to you and may you reach your goal 🙂

  2. Hi mommy! I’m a work at home mom and it’s really more rewarding to see and personally be part of your baby’s milestones every single day. I’m also new to blogging, but, unlike you I haven’t earned any single centavo from this yet. Hopefully, someday i’ll start to earn.

  3. you’ve just made the right decision, my dear…’hope it’ll work out fine, but, knowing how good you are at this, I am 100% sure that you’ll make it big here…sana ako din:)

  4. hi! i admire moms who make brave and loving decisions of working and staying home for their child/ren.

    new follower here. happy blogging!


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