Little Twinkle

When baby Z’s Pediatrician heard about Twinkle, he thought it was his new found girl friend. Though they didn’t meet each other I’m sure our pedia will find our Twinkle cute.

Twinkle is Baby Z’s first ever buddy. She makes him laugh and mollify him. Whenever he starts crying, Twinkle is there to tell baby Z not to cry. She’s been a good buddy and she’s always there to help mom pacify baby Z. Are you ready to meet her? Here she is…Twinkle is baby Z’s colorful chime toy. She’s been baby Z’s buddy for three months now. We end up calling her Twinkle because mommy use to sing twinkle Twinkle little stars while gently shaking the chime everytime baby Z cries. Till then, we called her Twinkle.

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