Anawangin Cove

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When I first saw this place over the net, I never thought it was a place in the Philippines. This is Anawangan Cove located in Barangay Pundaquit town of San Antonio in Zambales. This mystical cove, has off-white sand, a stretch of pine trees along the beach front, Crystal clear water and refreshing fresh air. You may wonder how the pine trees ended up at the beach. I myself cannot contain my curiosity how they ended up there. And behind it,  is a small stream that flows down and meet the sea water.

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I was fascinated by the lovely natural beauty of Anawangin, and it was such a treat being there, away from the busy city life, embracing the indigenous living for a while. Anawangan is not as commercialized as Boracay or Puerto Galera. There is no electricity and no cell site. No hotels or Inns around the area, you have to bring a tent if you want to stay for a night. The nearest hotel you can find is at Barangay Pundaquit a 15 minutes boat ride from anawangin. Yes, it’s basically back to basics. There were only two water pumps, four toilet cubicles and I think four dressing cubicles  available. You also need to make sure that you packed with you all the necessary things you need for your stay as their is only one sari sari store available which is catered by the care taker.

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How to Get There
From Manila you can either drive or take a bus to San Antonio Zambales. We took  the Victory Liner Bus bound to Zambales. We get down at barangay San Antonio, then took a short tricycle ride to Barangay Pundatquit and then hire a boat that will take you to Anawangin.

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