To Take or Not to Take

It’s been seven years now since I graduate from College with a degree in Architecture. And Up to now, I haven’t taken yet the licensure examination for Architects. Two years after graduation and after completing the required two years working experience before taking the board exam, I have attended a review classes but I actually did not proceed on taking the exam due to some personal reasons. Despite of being an unregistered architect in the Philippines, I was still able to get a job in the Philippines and have given a chance to work overseas as an architectural detailer and eventually become an assistant architect.

Now, that I choose to become a fulltime mom and will be base in the Philippines very soon, I am thinking of taking the Licensure Exam this coming June 2011. Waaah…After seven years, I think I need to have a thorough review. I almost forgot most lessons from college. But I am not yet decided. Since taking the exam means baby Z will be under the care of a nanny for three months which I don’t like.

I just need more time and wisdom, to help me decide whether to take or not to take the licensure examination. Whatever my decision will be, I am still hopeful that I would be able to practice my profession and became a freelance architect in the Philippines while pursuing a full time mommy career at home. I think I don’t need to become a super woman to be able to do both. I just need determination and commitment to become successful in both field. So help me God.

4 thoughts on “To Take or Not to Take

  1. hi there! I suggest you take the exam. When I took my licensure examination for engineering I only reviewed for two months but with few sleeps. haha.. It’s nice to be licensed, you will be more competitive.

  2. Hi, i’m from Indonesia,,,

    Our children are our future. think carefully…. baby Z is the most important thing…

    If you think taking the examination is the best thing for the future of your children, take it… 🙂

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