What’s wrong with my Hair?

Two months after I gave birth to baby Z, I notice that my hair has been shedding more than the usual. And it actually bothers me a lot. The volume of my hair loss doubled more than the usual hair loss. It even made me think I might be suffering from cancer.
I did a research and it helped me not to worry much about it. According to baby center, it is the occurrence of hormonal change that causes hair loss more than the usual. These usually happen 12 weeks after giving birth. In a day, we normally lose about 100 to 125 hairs but after delivery, mothers might be losing about 500 hairs a day. Though it’s normal and therefore inevitable, there are still few ways that might help reduce the volume of hair loss. Personally I find these tips helpful and effective.

1. Avoid frequent shampooing and conditioning. Usually, I shampoo and
condition my hair everyday. On my fourth month after giving birth, I tried
doing both every other day. Say on Monday, I’ll just shampoo my hair,
and on Tuesday I’ll just use conditioner. That way, I noticed less hair fall

2. As much as possible untied your hair. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid this
especially to mothers with long hair. Therefore you might consider cutting
your hair short.

3. If you have the budget, a hair spa will be of good help. Though I haven’t tried it, some mommies claimed that their shedding hair stopped after having a hair spa. And I am actually close on booking a hair spa this coming weekend.

Usually hair losses occur up to six months after delivery. After six months or so, expect your hair to be back in its pre-pregnancy state. But you might notice the texture of your hair is not exactly the same as your pre-pregnancy hair. It might be straighter or wavier, more oily or dry than it was before your pregnancy. According to baby center, this might be due to the hormonal upheaval that you’ve just experience.

If your shedding hair doesn’t seem to be slowing after six months or more, try seeing your dermatologist or your healthcare provider.

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  1. i’m having the same dilemma as you have.. i’m on the 4th month since my delivery so i guess it’s 2 more months before this hair fall problem starts to drop.. 🙂

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