Baby Z’s first flight experience

Last March 12, baby Z had his first flight experience from Kuala Lumpur to Manila via Cebu Pacific Air. It was also my first experience flying with an infant so I made myself prepared for this flight. I always thought flying with an infant is inconvenient but I discovered that as long as you are organized and prepared you will have a worry free journey with your baby.

This was baby Z’s first tramp to manila and I am so glad that baby Z was behaving well during the entire journey. From the time we left our house until we reach the airport of our destination; NAIA Terminal 3.  I made sure he had enough milk to avoid tantrums. And the result, either he is in deep sleep or his eyes freely observing the environment which is unfamiliar to him. When flying with an infant, you must take note that during take off and landing, you should give your baby something to drink to avoid discomfort cause by ear pressure.

My hubby and my sister had fun watching our little one boarding and flying for the first time. Just like us, it seems that he also enjoyed his first time inside an airplane. Of course the experience wouldn’t be complete without pictures, and so I took his snaps and nailed this experience into memories.   

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  1. Wow. Good to hear that a baby had his/her first flight experience. I think the cabin crew have all the complete facilities for babies on a plane. Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

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