Summer is Circumcision Time

It’s summer time once again and it’s not just a time for swimming but also a time for circumcision for most little boys in the Philippines. I was at the Medical City Satellite Clinic in SM Marikina this afternoon and had a glimpse of how little boys get frightened of their turn to meet circumcision. I together with the clinic’s staff and the kid’s mom’s where laughing when the doctor went out his room and personally called the next” victim”. The kiddo was very keen and immediately answered “pass”. This made me think of my little boy once he reaches the circumcision age. I have thought of newborn circumcision before I gave birth to my little one, but it hurt me with the thought that my fragile new born will get hurt. So we decided not to go for new born circumcision.

Circumcision is the process of removing the foreskin (prepuce), which is the skin that covers the tip of the penis. It helps prevent urinary tract infection and penile cancer. It can be perform one or two days after birth or between the ages of six to twelve. In ancient days, circumcision is known to be a tribal identity. Today, circumcision is a mark of adulthood which is a tough experience of boys before reaching adolescence.
That would be a frightening experience but it is something they’re proud of being a man. : )

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