MOB Wednesday

It was my first time shopping at SaveMore on a Wednesday. Since I got back from KL, I wasn’t aware about the MOB Wednesday or My Own Bag on Wednesday. The supermarket staff put my groceries on a brown recycled paper.  I asked them to put it on a plastic bag so that I could easily carry it but they told me it’s not available since its Wednesday. Instead they offered me an eco bag worth 10php.

I am glad that SM has this campaign. In KL, they’re having the “No Plastic Bag Day” on Saturday and if you would like to put your groceries on a plastic bag, you have to pay 0.20 ringgit. So everytime we shop on a Saturday, I make sure that I bring along our eco bags.
 It’s about time that we should do something to save our vanishing mother nature. Perhaps you could help save our mother nature by participating in such campaign. Bring your own bag every time you shop on a Wednesday and if possible, not only every Wednesday. Sometimes small things means so much. So grab your eco bags from your favorite store. SM eco bag only costs 10php. Happy Shopping!

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