Happy Feet

Lately on his fourth month, baby z learned to stand on his feet with support and it became one of his daily exercises. I have been giving him massage including leg massage even before he learned to stand on his feet to help stimulate his developing nervous system. It’s been known that massage is beneficial to babies. It improves blood circulation, provides relief from colic, strengthen immune system and stimulate digestion. So it’s soo much worthy giving your baby a massage.

This afternoon, while doing the same exercise, we were all surprise when baby z made his first step, and followed by few more steps. We get so excited and we let him wear a shoe and let him do more steps. That was the first time he wore a shoe. Thanks ninang sheila beltran for the beautiful shoes. It was still big for his feet but he was able to make few more steps before he gets tired and hungry.

At five months and four days, he’s got additional list on his milestones. I’m so happy and getting excited to see more of his steps. I think the massage were of big help in developing a strong feet and knee. I know it’s too early but I am looking forward to see you finally stand on your own baby z. May you continue to have a strong and happy feet baby Z!

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