A Not so Happy Mother’s Day

I can’t remember a memorable moment with my mom during Mothers Day. I have never enjoyed mother’s day nor did it make me happy, instead it made me lonely recalling all the memories I have with her when she was still with us. It just made me envious to those who have their moms on Mother’s Day. This only reminds me the pain of losing a mother at an early age. So painful that even now, tears are rolling on my face while I am writing this post.

After two decades, if not of me becoming a mother, I’m not gonna celebrate this occasion once again. I guess this is the time to forget the pain and celebrate mother’s day for the first time. And as I embrace my first Mother’s Day experience, I would like to give thanks to the one who showed me the world. Time to give honour to the one whose hands have let me felt the touch of love and the one who nursed and nurture me even for just a short time. Thank you for teaching me what to feel, for teaching me what is right and wrong, for showing me my emotion and finally letting me know what is real and not. I wish I could hug and kiss you this mother’s day. Happy Mother’s Day Nanay!

This is my first mother’s day experience and usually “first times” should always be special. I just felt sorry for me, that this first time experience is not so special since hubby’s presence is missing. Perhaps it’s the reason why I am not so excited about it. Though my mother’s day is dull, being a mother is the best thing that happens in my life. It’s a priceless experience. Becoming a mother is never easy, but I am slowly muddling through the changes. Motherhood is definitely changing me and my priority. It brings a new perspective in me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!

3 thoughts on “A Not so Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Hello there! Thanks for dropping by! Mother’s Day will always be special not only for those who still have their mothers around. Remember : “we never lose the ones we love for even though they’re gone…their memories will linger on”. Happy Mother’s Day to you…. You deserve to be happy!!!

  2. Don’t be sad, God always has a reason for everything. Now that you are a mom, you would know how a mom feels. I am sure your mom didn’t want to leave you at an early age… but learn and make the most of what you have now, enjoy motherhood and make memories with your precious one! 😀

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