Catching Up the Summer

In two weeks time summer in the Philippines will bid goodbye and we will say hello to the rainy season. Just before the summer ends, here we are planning a last minute family swimming outing. For hubby’s very short vacation, we are going to visit the Camayan Beach Resort in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It’s a two hour’s drive from Manila using the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. It will be our first swim in the waters of Subic.

Swimming means swimwear. And so I’ve search my closet for a swimsuit and I found out that I left my two pairs of swimsuit in KL. Asking hubby to bring it on his vacation might not be a good idea. I am not sure if it will still fit me since I am not yet back to my pre pregnancy body. So I went to the local stores to buy a new one. I don’t intend to buy a bikini or tankinis. I was just looking for a tank top and a boy shorts swimwear style. A tank top will surely make me comfortable. I don’t have to worry about my bulging belly since it will not reveal my stomach. The bottom which is a boy short will give me an extra covering on my hips and my upper thighs. A boy short is a popular style of swimsuit and ladies underwear which resembles a very short shorts. I choose this pair to make me comfortable in and out the water because up to now I still don’t have the guts to wear a bikini after I gave birth to my first child five months ago.

Now I’m ready for the swim and I am looking forward for this fun family outing and really excited to see hubby after two months of work in KL. I hope to enjoy the rest of the summer days!

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