We’re going to the Hillsong United AfterMath Tour

Like what I have said in my previous post about this concert, I have saved the date and tomorrow, I, my sister and her boyfriend will be going to the AfterMath Tour of Hillsong United at the Araneta Coliseum.

I’m super excited and thankful for another Hillsong Concert experience. It is a blessing having the opportunity to praise and worship our living God with these youths who continually tells the world that Jesus Lives.

Hillsong United is a rock and worship band composed of Australian youth from the Hillsong Church of Australia. They were originally called “Powerhouse Youth”, which is the house band of Hillsong Church’s Youth Ministry. Most of their music is contemporary style of praise and worship with conventional rock. Over the years,they have been creating music that reveals the truth about Jesus.
Hillsong’s Aftermath Tour in Manila is brought to us by Becca Music Inc. As of Monday this week, tickets are already sold out.

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