Baby Z’s Monkey Nebu

Recently, I badly need a nebulizer at home for baby Z’s medication. I thank mommy arcee for lending me her nebulizer before I got this cute kiddie nebulizer from her for only 2500.00 pesos. Asthmatic or not, I realize that nebulizer is a must if you have an infant or toddler at home. My little one recently had bronchitis and he need to be nebulise three times a day to reduce the inflammation in his bronchial tube for him to get back on his regular breathing pattern. Having a nebuliser at home is a good investment since nebulising from home will save you money than bringing your kid to ER.

2 thoughts on “Baby Z’s Monkey Nebu

  1. The Nebulizer at home is a life saver and as you said much cheaper than the ER. I don’t know why Drs. just supply a family as needed instead of going to the ER several times before they realize you need one at home.

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