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I have been sitting down in this Architectural Firm somewhere in Kuala Lumpur for a project study. It will last for one month so I still have two weeks more and will be going back to the Philippines to eventually outsource the work which is the architectural working drawings. Two weeks of working as an architect while trying to be a blogger, I find it hard to do them both especially during submission where you don’t even know what time you will be off from office. I’m grasping for time to make a post for my blogs.

Today, I am suppose to be sitting down and doing the drawings in that office but unfortunately I am unwell and I need to rest so I finally find time to make a post. Hopefully when I go back home and work home base I would still have enough time to blog while doing architecture thing. I think it’s about time to utilise time management so that I can do both. And so help me God.

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