Here Comes Solid

I recently introduce solid food to our little one and as of the moment he likes much the Gerber Banana Flavor. After few days of taking Gerber, though it’s organic, I decided to give him fresh fruits and I started feeding him banana. I mashed a small portion of banana and feed my excited little one. Every time he saw the spoon towards him, he would open wide his mouth and swallow the food. He would sometime grab my hands or the spoon towards his mouth and if it takes too long for the next spoonful, he will through out a cry. This morning, I tried giving him a portion of orange. He sucks until he gets all the juice and fibers and will ask for more. I hope its not a sign of greediness.

It’s really good to see his good appetite even if he is not yet well recovered from bronchitis. We at home, especially me, always had fun watching him, his expression and everything while eating solid food. I just love feeding him and I look forward of giving him more.

One thought on “Here Comes Solid

  1. How old is your baby when you introduced his/her to solid food? Mine is more than 3 months and still on bottled milk. Also, I’m a first time mom 🙂

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