Father and son moment

When I get to work on weekends, hubby becomes the baby sitter of our little one since our nanny is off on weekends. And so it is some sort of bonding for my two boys. Hubby had no choice but to do the preparing of milk, be the diaper changer and the drool wiper for the day and sometimes gets extended when I work late on weekends. It may be a tough task for my hubby but I am sure it’s a good chance for them to bond.

The exciting part for me, is when I get home where baby Z usually greets me with smiles, actually big smiles except when he is sleeping when I arrive home. On the other hand, hubby will have his rounds of storytelling; how he played with baby Z, how baby Z reacted to his tickles and blah blah blah…as if he is a kid telling me everything that had happen in school. And it just feels good hearing those stories and knowing that my hubby could actually manage the baby sitting alone.

Here’s a glimpse of there bonding moment, thanks to ninang Jean for the awesome picture.

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