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It’s plus one for this week’s weekend blog follower caravan. Before I proceed let me welcome you all to my blog, especially those who have landed here for the first time.

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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme.

Sunday Reflection: It is Noble to be Humble

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday Reflection. Before I start I would like to thank those bloggers who join the launching of this meme last Sunday.

Now, we are on our second week, and this week’s scripture is Philippians 2:1. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves”

A friend described me as a meek person. What he actually doesn’t know, is the other side of me who aimed to be always on top of the list. Someone who gets noticed and someone who will stand out from everyone. That was one of my burning desires until I realize that when pride comes, then comes disgrace.

I was a person who easily get annoy to people who don’t behave according to my standards. But later on, humility reminds me that everybody is different, that each person has a unique role, and is therefore given different tastes, desires, abilities.

I was once a person who complains a lot when my parents gave me loads of house hold chores. An employee who complains a lot when my boss gives me a task that is beyond my job description and a person who will complain when someone cut me in the cue. Yet again, Humility reminds me that God is in charge. He knows what he’s doing and so we can trust Him completely.

I used to boast of myself for my accomplishments that were due to my own hard work. It may be in a form of a joke but it was half meant. But then again, humility reminds me that when it rains or shines it does no both on the just and the unjust. That Success is always caused by many factors, and some of which we have no control, and good fortune is a pure grace from God, which is undeserved and non-repayable. And the right attitude should be to thank God for such gifts and not to boast about it or yourself.

The eyes of this world might see humility as an act of disgrace. But behind that disgrace is an act of great honor as seen by God. Hard as it may seem but it is therefore noble to be humble.

Share your reflection about the given verse. To join Sunday Reflection, just create a blog post about your reflection on the given verse. You may include personal testimony if there’s any, then post your entry on the linky below and hop to the blogs of other participants.
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Is Your Cleanser Safe Enough for your Baby?

Baby Z, is on the stage where he put everything on his mouth. Whatever he grabs, it will surely land to his mouth. And as a parent you can be paranoid thinking of all the germs that he can get in contact. I believe every parent don’t wanna let those germs penetrate there precious little ones.

So, apart from cleaning his bottles and nipples, we are also cleaning his toys every now and then. Thank goodness there is Cradle bottle and nipple cleanser. It’s a is mild cleanser especially made for babies and very effective in removing tough milk and food residue and foul odors from feeding bottles, bottle nipples, trainer cups and dishes. You can also use it in cleansing your baby’s toys and pacifier and even use it in washing fruits and vegetables.

It’s antibacterial and non toxic cleanser and power enough to get rid of germs and bacteria. It has no synthetic fragrance and preservatives and no harsh chemicals, alcohol free and soap free therefore it is very safe for your baby.

Remember that, ordinary dish washing cleanser may have harmful chemicals that are not safe for baby. And even with thorough cleansing, ordinary cleanser might leave the chemicals on baby’s bottles or toys. So better be safe than sorry. I encourage every mom to use cleanser especially made for babies. Cradle bottle cleanser retail price is 285PHP for 700ml bottle and 239PHP for 500ml refill pack. They are available in supermarket and department stores all over Philippines.

How to apply for a 3 months visa in Malaysia

For Southeast Asian countries, a visa upon arrival in Malaysia is available which allows you to stay in Malaysia for thirty days. But if you wish to stay in Malaysia more than a month, you can apply for a three months visa provided that you have sponsorship from someone who is living in Malaysia.

Application for three months visa can be carried out either in Malaysia or at the Malaysian Embassy in your country. Here’s a guide on how to apply for a three months visa in Malaysia.

1.       Obtain all the requirements needed for the visa     application.For Filipino’s who wish to apply for the visa, you will need the following.

  • Visa Application Form with two passport size picture.
  • Invitation letter from the sponsor in Malaysia authenticated by the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia
  • If married to a Malaysian, Marriage certificate and passport of the sponsor is required.
  • Work permit of the sponsor.
  • Employment certificate of the sponsor
  • Bank statement (latest account) or salary certificate of the sponsor.
  • Passport of the applicant. Take note that your passport must be six months onward validity.
  • Confirmed return ticket.

2.       Submit all the requirement at the Malaysian Embassy in the Philippines, 29th flr., One World Building, Bundia Makati.

3.       Visa fee cost is 550php per person and normal processing is three working days. Submission of requirements is from Monday-Friday 9:00am to 12:00 noon only.

Just make sure that you have all the requirements and your application will be carried out smoothly. Malaysia is a home to previously the world’s tallest building, currently the third tallest building in the world; The Petronas Twin Tower.

Sleeping Routine Challenge

I’m almost on my second week in establishing a bedtime routine for my little one. We usually rock him to sleep and I don’t want to keep it that way since its hard for me coz he is growing fast and getting heavier everyday.

And so, to begin with, I said no to rocking baby Z to sleep last week. I have also talked to him about that and it seems that he understand what I have told him as he is responding positively. The routine I’m trying to establish is probably a common way. Perhaps a lot of mommies have been doing the same routine. I start with giving him a sponge bath before going to bed regardless of the dirt and dress him up for the sleep. Then I let him lie on the bed, and usually he does his crawling and rolling rounds. It would take 10 – 20 minutes depending on his mood. And when he gets tired he will cry. And that’s the time that I will give him something to sooth him, normally a bottle of milk and later water. And when he is done, he will throw the bottle and will lie on his side and will close his eyes…and there he was…asleep.

I’m glad for his positive respond with this challenge. Though there may be time that he throws tantrums and eventually the routine will be set aside for I have to rock him to sleep again. I wish to establish the routine before he reaches eight month. And I hope it will be successful.

Bed time routine is a helpful way for your baby to sleep on his own. As soon as he is born, it is best to train him to sleep on his own and it will definitely lessen your anxiety of bringing him to sleep. There are a lot of books out there that talks about sleeping habit or routine which can be your guide in establishing a sleeping routine for your baby.

BlogEoz is Pinoy Expat Blog Nominee

I was really surprise when I saw my husband’s profile in Pinoy Expat Blog Nominee expat division album in PEBA’s FB account. I know my husband is joining a contest in PEBA, but I was not expecting that he will be one among those eleven nominees. He is not really much into blogging but he maintains two blogs one of which have an own domain. His got into blogging when I embraced blogging two years ago. Of course he is not a pro blogger, neither of us. Perhaps, we just have developed a new passion in our heart and that is blogging.

For those of you who do not know PEBA, it is a non-profit, non-stock organization of international Filipino Bloggers located from different parts of the world & duly registered in Securities & Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue. It has grown to have representative & liaison offices in the Middle East, South East Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and North Africa.

This is a great exposure for BlogEoz which I’m proud of. I hope that he could make it to the finals. While it is great to desire to win, the exposure brought to BlogEoz is enough to recognize him in the blogosphere. We would be more than grateful if BlogEoz win this contest. To our family and friends thank you very much for the likes and more to go…LOL…All the best! And thank you PEBA!

We value your LIKE. Here is the links. First like the PEBA FB page here and like my hubby’s profile here. Thank You very much!

On his way to sitting down

On is fifth month, we started teaching him to sit down and He was able to sit for a very short time and then he falls. And as time goes, he continues learning sitting down until he learned to sit down with minimal support. And just recently on his seventh month, he starts to straighten his back while sitting down. Though he can’t sit by himself yet, he is now able to sit and play for longer period. The funny part is when he sucks his feet while sitting down which leads him to fall down.

I was also surprise to see him sitting down on a high chair during his day out with his grandma. I myself was still hesitant to let him sit on a high chair but it was great seeing him sitting down there for the first time. Does it mean that we must have a chair at home very soon? Hooray! Way to go for our little one. I know, very soon he will be able to sit down on his own.

Sunday Reflection: Close to You

Scripture: Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

This scripture have motivated me to spend time with the lord. Though I have short comings of this matter I still have to say that spending time with the Lord is fulfilling and rewarding.  It may not be easy to grasp at first but once you have establish a relationship with God, you may find that the highlight of your day is the time you have with God.

The Bible tells us that we were created to have fellowship with God and if you find it hard to do so, you may start by dwelling on this scripture. Find time with God and once you established the relationship you will discover that it is easier to find out what God wants for your life. You can get off your mind from the world and worries around you and focus on God and the things that God wants you to do plus you will find it easier to worship Him. You will also discover that the more you spend time with Him, the more you will love Him!

Still, this serves as a motivational scripture to me, as I have been struggling finding that time again. I miss waking up at dawn and easily worship Him.

How about you? Do you still find time with God despite your busy schedule? Share your reflection. All you have to do is blog about your thought on this week’s scripture, then submit your entry by clicking the linky below. Don’t forget to post our badge in your blog post. More details here.

Momsicle will be launching Sunday Reflection Meme

Scriptures are powerful and reflecting on it is a great opportunity to dwell on God’s word and then apply it on our own life. And so I have come up with these thought and after a long time of procrastination I am finally launching the Sunday Reflection Meme. This is the first time that I will be hosting a meme and I hope it will be successful. Sunday Reflection will start tomorrow July 24 2011. So, I am inviting bloggers to join us, as we reflect on God’s word and be amazed how God moves mysteriously in our lives.

So, what does this meme all about?

  1. Sunday Reflection is open to all bloggers.
  2. I will be giving a bible verse every Sunday, and if you want to join, you just have to create a blog post about your reflection on the given verse. You can also include a testimony (if there’s any) that is related to the verse, to somehow inspire our fellow bloggers.
  3. Once you are done with your post, sign in to the linky below the post and make sure your post have the Sunday Reflection Badge for us to know that you are joining the meme. Badges can be found on the sidebar.
  4. Then, hop to the blogs of other participants to see what they have to say about the week’s theme.

Come join us!

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