7th and Still Counting

I won’t let this day end without posting this. Its baby Z’s seventh month and mommy has to go back early to Kuala Lumpur from another Singapore trip with ninang Jean. We had to catch up the 1:30pm bus back to Kuala Lumpur so that I could be with my two boys on dinner time.

On his seventh month, he can now eat solid food, sit down with support this time longer during his six months. He is also fond of reaching and grabbing things and can quickly lie on his front and move around the bed as if it’s his territory. He is starting to response when you talk or smile to him. He gets more of grasping things and put it in his mouth as if everything is food to him. He is also getting bigger and heavier at 8kg now and finally he’s got more hair on his front head.

He’s also been so active during the day, sometimes he gets to get his nap only once a day and make up for full sleep during the night which is actually good for mommy and daddy.

We’re really having fun raising him though there are challenges in between which I know is inevitable I know there would be more fun as we watch him grow! Happy seventh month my little prince! We love you!

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