Revisiting Singapore

Everytime we had a visitor from the Philippines, it is a must that we should bring them to Singapore for sightseeing. It is much cheaper to go to Singapore from KL rather from Philippines.

Tomorrow’s trip will be my third time in Singapore and I will be bringing a good friend who flew to KL for the first time. It was actually her first out of the country trip.

We normally take the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Bus fare will cost 45RM for a one way journey.
Here’s How to go to Singapore from KL by bus

1. If you stayed in a hotel around KL, the best way to go to Singapore by bus, is to take the starmart bus at time square. They have their ticketing boot in front of time square and pick up and drop off is also at the same place. Buses left for Singapore every hour which start at 9:30am up to 11:30pm.
2. You also have the option to go to bukit jalil bus station. The bus station was previously in pudu raya but due to the renovation it was transferred to bukit jalil. There, you have more option what bus to take. Bus fare is ranging from 30RM-50RM.
3. During the journey, there will be stop over for your refreshment. The last stop over will be at the immigration point of KL and Singapore. You are required to bring all your belongings since it will be subject for immigration check upon entry to Singapore.
4. Don’t forget to bring along your passport and your confirmed return ticket to your point of origin. The bus trip will normally take 5-6 hours depending on the traffic condition.
And that is how easy to get to Singapore by bus from Kuala Lumpur. Have a safe and happy journey!

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