Stranger Anxiety: First Emotional Milestone

Early on his seventh month our little one is going through his first emotional milestone; the stranger anxiety. According to my research most babies go through this emotional development upon reaching seven months. Baby Z has started to become anxious around unfamiliar faces and would always look for mom. It only means that he already know who his mom is. He would through a cry and reach out for me when he saw me while he is being held by someone. It goes the same evertime I leave him. If only he can walk, he might be chasing over me. When it’s bed time, he is also looking for his mommy’s beautiful face to make sure that when he get laid tonight, mommy is on his side.

We are both in an adjustment stage. We are working out how he’ll be comfortable in the arms of unfamiliar or stranger faces. Same thing goes in assuring him that once I leave him, I will be coming back shortly.

Having strangers or unfamiliar faces around is inevitable. That’s why it is important for our little prince to get use to it for we will both benefit from it. I understand that it takes time to get there and so I need to bear with him and I need more patience as he goes through this very important stage of his development.

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