The Traveling Infant

Most of us want to travel and explore our wonderful universe. And just like his mom, our little one has been traveling since he was three months old. I remember his first flight experience; I was excited and at the same time anxious about what will happen. I thought it was hard traveling with an infant but fortunately as long as you are well prepared you don’t have to worry about it. You will enjoy it instead. I even asked the pilot to have a picture with baby Z as a remembrance of his first flight experience.

Baby Z's 1st flight experience

He’s been flying back and forth from Manila to Kuala Lumpur. And how was he during the flight? Well, I am glad that he doesn’t through tantrums onboard. He is behaving well except when he feels hungry and sleepy. And to relieve the ear pressure I give him something to drink during take off and landing.

Our recent trip back to Manila from Tacloban was the one he enjoyed the most. Through out the one hour flight he was awake and playing plus laughter’s which we actually enjoyed.  Of course, I was busy capturing the moment.

Enjoying the trip

He will be bound for Kuala Lumpur again this coming August. More fun while flying baby Z!

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