The Tenth Floor

The moment I went out the house this morning, I know I was heading to the tenth floor of one world building in Makati to arrange our visa. I took a cab that brought me to my destination, enter the building and the elevator and press 10.

At the tenth floor is the Malaysian Embassy where we process my husband’s as well as my visa two years ago. At the moment I am processing my son’s including my visa for our next trip to Kuala Lumpur.

In just a few minutes, I heard a ring which means I have reached the tenth floor. Then the elevator door opened. I was hesitant to alight from the elevator but since other passengers are waiting for the door to shut, I went down the elevator even if I saw the whole tenth floor was black out. Only a small light coming from a window  illuminates the place and it helped me see the abandoned Malaysian Embassy. I immediately press the elevator down but it was taking too long. I was all alone in that floor where there is no light. As I wait for the elevator, I then felt frightened as I was grasping for light. I then tried to look for the fire exit stairs. Thank God I was able to find it. I went down to ninth floor to catch the elevator for sure there would be a light down there. But when I reach the fire exit door it was lock! Huh…Afraid, I went up to eleventh floor and gladly the door was open. What a relief! There I was able to catch the elevator down to ground floor. I approached the information counter to ask if they have moved somewhere. Gladly they have just moved to the twenty ninth floor of that building.

And so, I went up again, this time to twenty ninth floor. As the elevator door opens, I saw a well lit lobby and there was the Malaysian Embassy.

Was that thrilling? Well, it scared me actually as I was not familiar with the place. Sounds like a scene in a horror movie. I thought I’m gonna see ghost, and perhaps that thought is what made me frightened. LOLS. First time it happened to me and I really felt scared and if you where in that situation what will you do?

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