Curiosity at Seventh

As he grows he is meddling on things around him. He grabs everything that he sees as long as it’s reachable, and if he got it, he will examine it for a while and instantly it will land in his mouth and I will be repeating my dialog “no! that’s not for your mouth!’ while pulling it out from his mouth. He is now starting to get curious on thing s and even people around him. He’ll be staring for quite a while if there is someone unfamiliar to him. Pulling someone’s hair is also his hobby and as usual he will put it in his mouth as if it’s a food for him.

At the moment he’s got more to add on his milestone.

  • He started to become bubbly. He talks a lot of T’s. Tita, tata, ate, titi.
  • He is able to walk with the walker.
  • He is now able to straighten his back while seating, and can seat longer.
  • He can also twist her trunk while seating.
  • Learning to crawl, and starting to lift his body through a push up position.
  • He also loves seeing himself in the mirror; he would always through a big smile when he saw his face or my face in the mirror.
  • He recently has stranger anxiety and would always want to see me on his side.
  • And most of all, he is loving solid food.

I am so glad and proud about this new development and as always, we are always counting for more.

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